The only program of its kind that helps you create an empowered mindset for Motherhood and provide effective tools to navigate the challenges from loneliness, a fear of a loss of identity, ensuring everyone's needs are met - including yours; and knowing how to create a partnership with your partner when it comes to parenting.




A new paradigm of Motherhood is emerging. One where Mothers that are empowered and thriving.

Healing generational patterns of self-sacrifice, survival, suffering, being the martyr, and the disease to please.



Have you ever stopped and asked; "Why did I want to become a mother?"


And, how is motherhood unfolding for you?


Do you love yourself more? Or are you less in love with who you are?

Are there parts of you that are showing up that bring up the emotions of guilt, shame, judgement, unworthiness, and intense frustration?


Do you unconsciously "think" that motherhood is all about self-sacrifice?



And... what about these thoughts... Did you ever feel...

Worried about losing your identity and balancing it all?

To be a great mother meant you might have to give up on what matters to you?

Anxiety or shame around not knowing what to expect and not having the answers?

Disappointed that reality is not meeting your expectations?

Lonely - unsure on how to navigate this feeling and not even sure on how to share about it? And you're missing your relationship with your partner when it was just "the two of us"?

Frustrated with yourself because you expected to feel more joy or have motherhood feel "natural"?

Overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster?...and this leads to judging yourself for not being able to handle it better?


The foundational years of Motherhood are powerful and transformative... and we are rarely set-up to navigate the challenges with clarity and an empowered mindset.


These are the stats for First-Time Mothers. 

85% of new mothers fear the loss of identity, experience loneliness, feel disconnected to their partner, and challenged by not being able to balance it all.

57% of new mothers feel underprepared for the emotional experience as a first-time parent.

Motherhood can be an experience that is left to chance;


You can enter Motherhood, with clarity and an empowered mindset.



As a new mother to be, you want to be the best version of you. 


You dream that Motherhood is an extension of you, and you may fear that it's going to turn your life upside down - and not in a good way. 

You also feel that you're different to other mothers out there, and you're going to do Motherhood your way.

... And you know, you're often your worst enemy. 

You may also have the following thoughts:

"Am I going to be great mother? What if motherhood doesn't come natural to me?"

"I’m not a mother’s group mother - what do I do for support?"

"I’ve learnt from my parents and their wounds. History isn't going to repeat itself...Will it?"

"Is our relationship going to change? I hope we’re not going to be that couple. And I hope I’m not going to be 'that' mother. I don't want it to be all about the baby."

"What if I screw up our child!? What if I can't be there for them in the way they need?"

And you know the best version of you cannot show-up with these thoughts.


I'm “not enough”.

I feel like a failure.

What if reality isn't going to live up to my expectations? 

What If I can't handle the disappointment?

Will I have to choose between my career and Motherhood? 

Will my dreams have to be on hold?



In the first year of being a mother; over 57% of parents feel unprepared for the emotional experience as a first time parent.

In the first three months; over 55% of mothers wish there was more information and help provided on maternal health, the lifestyle changes, and how the relationship with our partner transforms.

Over 50% of first-time mothers are only mildly confident about who they are as a mother.

And almost 85% of mothers surveyed were unprepared emotionally for the most common challenges:


- The feeling of a loss of identity

- The feeling of loneliness

- The feeling of being disconnected with their partner

- Not being able to “balance” it all

- Not making time for self-care and seeing it as a priority


Almost all participants surveyed wish they had enjoyed the first year of motherhood more.

“I wish I was more present and learnt how to trust my instincts early on”


69% of couples experienced a decline in relationship satisfaction in the first 3 years of the baby’s life; and new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings.



So why is it that most new parents find themselves overwhelmed, feeling inadequate, and do parenting on auto-pilot - just trying to survive and get through the day?

It's a sad reality that first-time mothers don't have the mental and emotional support when they need it most - and this leads to low-self-esteem and in severe circumstances, depression.

They miss out on being the mother they have always wanted to be.

And they miss out on the JOY that motherhood brings.

Motherhood then becomes a place of self-sacrifice, suffering and survival - where it is only possible to show up as a victim, hero or martyr. 



What about the remaining 25%?
How do they thrive? How do they manage the emotional challenges? And how do they deal with uncertainty?

The one thing that makes all the difference to your experience of motherhood, is your


What separates a mother that's thriving from a mother that's surviving and suffering; is her mindset.

Change your thoughts. Change your reality.

Most mother's have a mindset that their needs should come last. That their joy is no longer important.

Your child wants you to thrive. Your child wants you to Love yourself and fill your cup - so you can give from the overflow.


The Motherhood Mindset

Designed for First-Time Mothers (with an infant up to 12 months old) who believes in thriving in motherhood.

A powerful and actionable online daily coaching program designed to have you think, act and show-up in motherhood - your way.

A thriving mother is one of the best gifts you can give your child.



Deep Transformation In less than 30 Minutes A Day

Using the method of Micro-Learning - incremental learning that is fast and easy to follow, with long-lasting permanent change. 

The daily lessons are designed to be effortlessly integrated into your life.

You'll successfully form empowering habits and new ways of thinking with ease and grace.

30 mins per day for 40 days (just under 6 weeks). Long lasting effective transformation.


A daily online coaching session that is simple, fast and impactful.

Each coaching session will share a Mindset shift that invites you to expand your thinking and beliefs.

The Motherhood Mindset has curated 40 powerful Mindset shifts that will directly impact how you feel about Motherhood and how you feel about yourself as you go through this transformation.

The online coaching platform means you can do it based around your schedule. 



This is where the magic happens.

Transformation happens when we reflect, journal, and share our insights.

Each coaching session contains a list of reflection questions that challenges your thinking. 

The quality of your life is based on the quality of your questions.

You learn to become the Master of your Mindset.  

Your transformation lives in the conversations you have with those around you. 


The Motherhood Mindset has 4 Key Areas of Focus. Gaining clarity and doing the deep thinking in these 4 Key Areas lead to thriving in Motherhood.

Module 1 - Your Vision of Motherhood

Clarity is power

In this module you uncover limiting beliefs that create Fear in Motherhood. You also do one of the most powerful exercises that will transform your experience of Motherhood - Create a Vision for Motherhood. This is your North Star. When things are great, it's easy to be great.

When things are challenging, it is our vision and having clarity around our expression of Motherhood that will guide us through.

Module 2 - An Empowered Mindset

Change your thoughts, change your reality.

In this module you have an opportunity to shift your mindset about the common challenges that new mothers face - Judgement, Loneliness, Boundaries, Uncertainty, Balance, Losing Yourself. We bring awareness to a common sentiment; "Motherhood is Hard".

Negative self-talk is an addiction that causes suffering and survival. In this module, you have an opportunity to bring a greater understanding to the negative self-talk. 


Module 3 - A Shared Vision of Parenthood

Love liberates. Love is why we are here.

Parenting is a relationship. When we enter parenthood, our relationship with our partner transforms.

In this module, you learn how to create empathy, how to empower one another, and how to create a Shared Vision of Parenthood. The Shared Vision of Parenthood expands your bond and that you are both on this journey together.

Without this vision, we are at risk of growing apart.

Module 4 - Breaking Point

Life is always working for us. 

Transformation is hard at first, messy in the middle, and beautiful at the end.

Nothing transforms our sense of self like Motherhood. In this module, you will learn powerful mantras that you can use daily to shift from surviving to thriving. You will learn how to bring compassion to yourself; and understand that every challenge is impermanent. 

Thriving is now a muscle.

By the end of this program, your version of Motherhood comes from a place of courage, authenticity, and love.




* You'll have an intention for the meaning of Motherhood and how it enriches your life - Motherhood is then filled with purpose and connection

You'll enter Motherhood with clarity - and clarity is power

* You can powerfully navigate the challenges. Your mindset is primed for growth, for healing, for transformation. You won't be unconsciously drowned in guilt, shame, and judgement

* You are empowered. You can see how Motherhood is expansive and enriches your life - The healing and transformation you experience in Motherhood can be applied to all the other areas of your life

* You are prepared for the changes of your partnership. You are equipped with navigating the transformation and have access to cultivating the love and connection

* You have the awareness and a different perspective on how to deal with the toughest challenges; loneliness, the perceived loss of identity, fear on losing yourself, and having your life on hold

* Motherhood is your masterpiece. Motherhood is intentional, it is an expression, and is your journey of healing and transformation

* You are prepared mentally and emotionally for the unexpected and uncertain journey of Motherhood; You have freedom and awareness around the unknown

* You have created the foundation of being a mother you are proud of. Your version of Motherhood is free from self-sacrifice, suffering and survival - you're not buying into being a victim or doing it alone as a hero/ martyr

* You are proud of who you have become. You develop compassion, kindness and a deep respect and love for yourself. You understand that teaching your child self-love is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on


Being a First-Time Mother only comes once. Creating powerful mindset shifts and habits in this foundational year sets the tone for you to thrive and be empowered to navigate the challenges in Motherhood.


The magic of The Motherhood Mindset

The Motherhood Mindset retrains your mind – and sets you free from your disempowering beliefs and thought patterns about what it means to be a Mother, and how Motherhood impacts your identity. 

The Motherhood Mindset shatters the accepted conditioning that Motherhood is hard. You will no longer feel that the only options available are to choose between your career and your family; or having a strong sense of self versus an identity of being a mother. 

Suffering, self-sacrifice and survival is one way to do Motherhood.

Thriving is the other option. 

The Motherhood Mindset empowers you to know that you can thrive in all areas of life that are important to you. By the end of the course, you will have clarity on what matters and an access to creating an empowered mindset.

A framework based on Science, Psychology, and the wisdom of Spirituality. 

How different would your childhood have been if your mother had love for herself?

What would it have been like if your Mother was thriving?


Hi beautiful soul!

I'm Yummii. I'm your coach for The Motherhood Mindset.

I'm grateful you're here. 
I’m a Mindset Coach. I specialise in Relationships, Healing, and Love, specifically Self-Love.

Motherhood was gifted to me by the birth of our first-born, Avery - in 2016.

My biggest struggle in Motherhood was the transformation of my marriage. I wasn't prepared for how parenting impacts your relationship. 

As a coach and someone who teaches and writes about Love and Relationships, I thought I would be prepared. I never expected how parenting could create distance and the feeling of disconnection.

I asked other couples about their experience, "Oh this is normal. We don't talk, and yeah it is just how it is."

Feeling disconnected with your partner as you enter Parenthood is not normal. It is common, and not normal. 

This is what inspired me to create The Motherhood Mindset.

It is possible to thrive in all area's of your life when we enter Motherhood. Motherhood isn't a disruption to life, rather it is the creator of an expansive life.

I created this course, as it was a course I would have wanted to do to prepare myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for the unexpected journey of Motherhood. 





One of the most powerful questions we ask in our family is; "What would make our family thrive?" - and this includes each individual soul.

Before I had Avery, I created a Vision for Motherhood, and I also created a framework for creating an Empowered Mindset, and seeing the Wisdom that lives in Motherhood. 

Combining my Mindset preparation and then developing a deeper understanding of how to navigate the transformation of my relationship with my husband, John - The Motherhood Mindset was created. 

I have personally used this framework, and this framework has been tested with mothers with all different backgrounds and stages of motherhood (newborn, toddlers, and 2+ children).

The feedback is always the same; "Every mother needs to do this course!"

Mothers with 2 or more children say; "I really wish this was available when I was a new Mother. This would have made all the difference to my relationship and my sense of confidence."

Motherhood teaches us two things; "How to Love" and "How to return to our Wholeness".

When we parent from this space, we create magic. We thrive.



"I was excited about being a mother and wasn't prepared for the newborn stage. I found it hard not being in control and dealing with not knowing what to do - and the uncertainty. Through The Motherhood Mindset, I have grown so much as a person, as a mother, and as a wife. I learnt how to see things differently, I can tune into my daughter and have empathy for what she is going through, and I'm so proud and confident as a mother. The course enabled me to understand how my mind was wired - and develop new ways of thinking. It was the course I didn't know that I didn't know I really needed and wanted. "

First-Time Mother to Harper 2 years old (Finance Executive)

"Where shall I start? First of all I’m very grateful to be on this journey with you Yummii. Thank you so much for your incredible course and all the insights and learnings. It was a huge learning process for me and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Even though I’m a coach and I have been on my spiritual path the course gave me a great deep understanding of what is important in motherhood. Especially I could develop an amazing deep connection to my son. Now having my motherhood vision, my deep connection to my son and the tools for challenging situations I feel very very empowered being a mum. I’m already sharing all my insights with other mums to support and give them a different view of motherhood. Yummii, you developed an incredible present for the world. Thank you very very much xx"

First-Time Mother to Tommy 10 months (Coach)

"I entered into Motherhood as an entrepreneur and I expected Motherhood to be effortless and fun. I thought it would be easy. Before the course, I felt unsure, insecure and afraid. I was worried about whether I was making the right decisions as a new mum, I was worried about whether my baby was achieving the right milestones and extremely stressed out. And I was unprepared for the sleep deprivation and how to cope with the impact that motherhood was having on my body. After completing the Motherhood Mindset, these are my 3 favourite results: 1. I have time for self-care which is quite frankly a miracle! I enjoy and cherish every moment of self-care that I can get and it’s a part of my daily routine. 2. I trust my own instincts and intuition. I respect other approaches to parenting but am so comfortable with my own intuitive approach and am proud of it. 3. I go out every day for walks and mummy meet-ups. I enjoy meeting other new mums. If you’re questioning whether to take part in the Motherhood Mindset and work with Yummii, just go for it. You’ll learn so much and you’ll grow as a woman and mother."

Victoria, Mother of Isabella 3 months (Entrepreneur & Author)

What's My Investment?

15-30 mins of your day for 40 days.

For long-lasting, permanent, and actionable transformation. 

What price would you put on peace of mind? What would it be like to experience expansion through Motherhood and go against the norm? Do you have the disease to please and put yourself last? How do you currently deal with disappointment, loneliness, and uncertainty? How do you react when your expectations are not met? A lack of clarity and old habits could potentially rob you of the joy in being a first-time mother.


Your child wants you to thrive. 


What's included in the Course?

Complete "The Motherhood Mindset" framework with 40 paradigm shift packed videos

Daily guidance and coaching for 40 days

Downloadable worksheets and booklets for each lesson

An unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part

A risk-free 40 day money back guarantee. Complete all the lessons and journal questions - If you believe you haven't gotten value, 100% of your investment will be refunded.

Lifetime access.




A single mindset shift from this course could alter the trajectory of your experience as a Mother, your connection with your child, your partner, and yourself. 





(Saving $501.00 USD)





(Total $3,498 USD)



What makes "The Motherhood Mindset" so different

When it comes to the challenges of Motherhood, it is easy to be hijacked by our emotions and feel overwhelmed. Instead of seeking empowerment or a different way of thinking, we seek "agreement". We want to feel validated for feeling like a victim, suffering, and in survival mode. And this is the cage we create for ourselves.

The Motherhood Mindset online coaching program helps new mothers understand their limiting beliefs and fears that are unconsciously controlling their behaviours - new mothers can take on beliefs that will empower them through this transformational period.

This course is all about the Mother - empowering her to choose Love over Fear. 

The Online Coaching course is taught by Yummii Nguyen, creator of The Motherhood Mindset framework. Yummii is passionate about relationships, love, and human behaviour; and having coached hundreds of people and through thousands of conversations - it comes down to one thing. "Am I seen, am I heard, do I matter?". This has everything to do with Motherhood and parenting.

The Motherhood Mindset framework was created to help Yummii through her journey of entering motherhood and the process resulted in an experience of thriving and expansion in all areas of life. This framework helps new mothers navigate common challenges from an empowered state.

The human brain is drawn to clarity and away from confusion. When you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, in a state of victim - you can be hijacked by your emotions and continue to contract. You are being controlled by Fear. When you have clarity, a clear vision for Motherhood, you can move out of the confusion and suffering - and into a state of growth and expansion. 

Mothers with an empowered mindset thrive. 

The framework of this course is built on Science, Psychology, and the wisdom of Spirituality.



This course is incredible.
I got so much more than just Motherhood. I felt more confident about myself and entering into Motherhood.
My relationship with my husband is stronger, and I feel so proud of who I am going to be as a mother and how we are going to be parents together. Just asking the question "Why?" we wanted to be parents gave us clarity.
I was really worried about losing my identity - and from this course, I can see how shifting this fear makes such a difference!"
- Natalie, mother of 1



Every mother needs to do this course. 
I wish I did this course for my 1st child and when I became a first-time mum. 
The principles and teachings are easy to understand - and now as I practice this with my adult children - I feel that they missed out on the best version of me when they were younger.
As a driven, female, who loved her job and career, I really struggled with those first few months - even years. I felt guilty on why I didn't enjoy Motherhood more.
This course got me to see Motherhood differently. I wish I knew about mindset - and how Motherhood is an opportunity to heal and transform. 
- Mary, mother of 2


I would pay 10 times over for this course.
I LOVED this course - I thought it was a course about Motherhood - it is a course about living my best life.
I have grown so much as a person and a mother.
The first six weeks of being a mother were so hard - I wasn't used to the uncertainty and not knowing what to do. I felt defeated. After doing The Motherhood Mindset, I saw uncertainty differently and I found a brand new love for Motherhood.
This course was THE thing that helped me have confidence and I'm doing Motherhood my way!... I love it!


- Claudia, mother of 1



"Knowledge is the precursor to experience - and when you know better, you do better"

Your experience of Motherhood can be left to chance, or be yours to craft. 
Have it be amazing. Have it be joyful. And know that it is possible.

14-Day Guarantee - 100% Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

The Motherhood Mindset is the most in-depth online coaching program for First-Time Mothers who are excited and committed to entering Motherhood with clarity, awareness, and thrive in Motherhood.

By the end of 14 days, you'll have received access to Module 1 - Your Vision of Motherhood, and half of Module 2 - An Empowered Mindset.

If you feel that The Motherhood Mindset doesn't resonate with you and won't have an impact on how you experience Motherhood, reach out within the 14 days and your investment will be refunded. No questions asked.


40-Day Risk Free Guarantee - 100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe The Motherhood Mindset is transformational and powerful. It has the potential to directly impact Motherhood, Relationships, and create clarity for your life. 

If you have watched all the video lessons, completed all the journalling questions (and can provide evidence) and you believe that it hasn't been of value; I'll gladly refund 100% of the investment towards The Motherhood Mindset. Reach out before the 40 days to request the refund. 

The 40 Day Risk Free Guarantee will only apply if all the video lessons have been completed (watched at 100%) and a submission of your journal with all questions answered - up to the date of your refund request. 


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