You can prepare for Motherhood

The Motherhood Mindset Online Course


As a new mother-to-be, it is all too common to hear the sentiment; "You can't prepare for Motherhood!".
If we were to "generalise" the experience of Motherhood - it is one plagued with self-doubt, unexpected overwhelm, a breeding ground of guilt, fear, shame, and judgement.
It is equally celebrated for the joy, the magic, and an experience of absolute divinity.
It is common to hear that Motherhood is bittersweet.
Each new mother - thinks they will be "different" and will not fall victim to the challenges. To be different, to conquer the challenges - one must be intimate and understand the challenges.


The mind that creates the problem, cannot be the same mind that solves the problem.

Postnatal care is an afterthought. An acknowledgement of the Fourth-Trimester isn't widely spread. The foundations of Motherhood, of understanding and building our own model of parenting - isn't in our awareness.

The biggest difference we can make to contribute to our experience of Motherhood, of creating partnership and learning to be new parents is bringing awareness to our Mindset. 

Motherhood can be done from a space of Love or a space of Fear.

Love is being attuned to our child - for we are attuned to our own needs. Love is bringing compassion to the learning journey and knowing that mistakes are part of the process. Love is making a commitment to unlearn the pain from our childhood or families - and choosing courage. 

Fear is being consumed by a vision of a future that we want to avoid. Fear is placing more weight on other people's judgements and opinions rather than investing in cultivating our own intuition. Fear is parenting without awareness, from the place of our wounds, and seeing love as conditional.

Quality questions, create a quality life. 

The Motherhood Mindset is the ultimate Online Transformational Coaching program for First-Time Mothers.

Based on micro-learning, an investment of 15-30 mins per day for 40 days, Mothers who complete The Motherhood Mindset:

  • Create a greater purpose of Motherhood in their lives
  • Have more clarity and courage to make bold choices and trust their intuition
  • Are empowered to ask for help free from guilt
  • Have mastery on self-care as you can't give from an empty well
  • Are equipped to have powerful conversations with their partner on life as parents 
  • Understand how to navigate the transformation of their relationship as parents

The challenges of lack of sleep, dealing with the uncertainty, the change in the relationship, the feeling of loneliness, the unanticipated experience of self-doubt, judgement, and overwhelm no longer hijack the experience of life.

Over 40 days, you will be coached and asked questions that lead you to a profound enquiry into healing, transformation, and creating a vision of Motherhood with intention and clarity.

Generational wounds, pain that runs through families - are no longer hidden in the shadows. They come to light - and you are equipped to conquer and release unconscious beliefs that no longer serve you.



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