Did you ask yourself these questions before Motherhood?

I believe there is a myth that you cannot mentally or emotionally prepare yourself for Motherhood.

In a recent episode on IGTV, I asked the following 3 questions:

- Whose love did you crave for the most when growing up? And who did you think you had to be to receive love and acknowledgement?

- What wounds from family and childhood are unresolved?

- Do you currently feel seen, heard, and understood; can you show up authentically around your parents?

Motherhood is transformation - in mind, body, and spirit.

When we can bring awareness to our wounds, and inherited beliefs - we can choose to expand and grow beyond them. We can let go of beliefs that once hindered us, and create new beliefs that will empower us.

Motherhood is a mirror of our sub-conscious mind. If we live in the experience of lack or unworthiness - this shows up as guilt, self-judgement, and fear.

If we are whole, if we know that we are worthy of love - this shows up as compassion, kindness, and calm.

In Motherhood - we sway between the two - because you can't have growth without understanding where you need to grow.

A powerful question we can ask ourselves in the moments we are challenged; "Why did I react that way? What is it about myself or the circumstance that I'm afraid of?"... This is where we are bringing the power back to ourselves and no longer being a victim, hero or martyr.

Over to you!... Can you tell when you have expressed Motherhood from Fear vs Love? How has your past influenced your expression of Motherhood?


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