How well do you love yourself through Fear?

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2020

How well do you love yourself through Fear?

That's the healing.

Because if you don't know how to do it, your children won't either.

I've had calls with Mothers and Fathers in the last few weeks for my Mastermind... and "Loving thyself" is a foreign concept.

They are successful. They have thriving businesses. They are at the top of their game... They knew themselves as high-achievers - just not in the area of Parenting.

...and this is the struggle; "It's hard to love my children fully... even though I know I experienced the same challenge when I was younger. I am so worried I'm screwing them up...and I know it's to do with me."

There is a shame around not enjoying parenting and life.

There is a disappointment from the lack of connection.

There is self-judgement from wishing to have done things differently.

There is a fear that the chasm of disconnection will continue to grow. ...and even though they've "done the internal work" - it is still perplexing.

The answer, meet Fear with Love.

Love yourself fiercely with the Fear - and you'll transcend this.

...and that's the mastery.

Love the anger...

Love the guilt...

Love the resentment...

Love the shame...

Love the judgement...

Love the loneliness...

Love the despair...

Love the helplessness...

Love it all.

....and LOVE yourself through this.

Simple, yes. Easy, no.

Because... you believed you were unlovable every time you were angry, frustrated, resentful, disappointed... because your parents didn't know how to hold space for you to master moving through these emotions...

... because no-one was there for them... and because their parents didn't know how to do it for them... and that's the cycle.

So how do you learn how to meet Fear with Love when you have never known how?

Recognise it's a brand new skill....and it can be learnt.

If you feel your children are ungrateful or you find it hard to influence them, if you struggle with loving them when they are angry, "rude", hurtful.... That's the healing.

...because your children aren't responsible for your emotions.

...and I know you know this.

Keep the cycle going - and that pang in your heart when you think of family get-to-gathers and the heavy obligation and expectation that comes with it - is the pang that your "adult" children may feel when they think of coming home to you for the holidays.

Heartbreaking? Yes. Does it have to be this way? No.

If you're finally done with being hijacked and committed to master meeting your Fear with Love, I know-how.

I can show you how to master meeting your Fear with Love. That's where wholeness lives.

Mastermind for healing Generational Wounds starts soon. Limited to 10 people.... Wholeness is waiting to flood your heart in 2021. If this resonates - I would love to help.

Apply here.

Give yourself 3 months, a little over 90 days, and create a brand new relationship to you, to Love, to parenting, to relationships.

What would that be like for you?

Till then - I invite you to meet every Fear, with Love. Love it fiercely.


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