Intuition, Parenting, and the Pandemic

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2021

Following on from last week, I want to share about Intuition, Parenting, and the Pandemic. 

Intuition plays a big part in knowing that we are living from a place of Love.

Intuition is all about making choices that align with our Highest Self.

However - most of us have Intuition as a concept, an idea, a feeling - and it's not a one size fits all.

The outcome is always the same "To trust thyself" - the process of doing this is unique to every person.

How I access intuition is going to be different to how you access intuition.

All parents need to know this - because, without this awareness, parents impose how they access intuition onto their children.

What's worse is when parents don't trust their intuition and then challenge their children's intuition - without really understanding and appreciating that intuition is a very personal relationship to self.

Intuition is cultivated between the ages of 7-14.

Without intuition, you can't have healthy relationships. Because if you think about it, intuition is what guides you to make healthy choices.

To have healthy relationships - is a culmination of many healthy choices.

When you are closely connected to your Intuition - you have healthy relationships.

- A healthy relationship to self (being at home in your skin, loving who you are, feeling worthy of love, abundance, joy)

- Healthy relationship with others (knowing how to choose healthy partners and friends)

- A healthy relationship to belonging and being in the world

- And a healthy relationship to your creativity (the full embodiment that joy is your birthright).

It is the internal navigation and guidance system to make choices to manifest your gift into the world.

It's a pandemic - and we're not Spiritually equipped.

Now more than ever, I believe what we do in parenting matters.

It will be the foundation in which we raise the next generation to be leaders of this world.

What's it going to be?

Leaders, who lead the world based on their Intuition? Therefore, having a healthy sense of self and a healthy relationship to each other and humanity?

Or Leaders fuelled by Fear? Are we going to do more of the same...??

Right now, the world leaders guiding humanity through this challenge were raised by a generation of parents who didn't have an awareness of Intuition.

How can we tell?

We're predominantly fuelled with Fear.

You just need to backtrack to the era that they were raised. World War II. They inherited the Fear... and now that Fear is manifesting itself through their leadership.

Overall, I believe we could have done better as a global human family.

We've failed each other. I feel like it's a toxic family - just on a global scale.

The judgement. The mistrust. The one blanket approach - and the saddest part is we are led by choices that disregard the emotional wellbeing of what it is to be human.

Mental health is at a real low - and Spiritually, we are divided.

There are always two ways to approach a challenge. Fear or Love.

Right now, it's mostly Fear.

If you're a parent, what you do now matters. More than ever.

You're going to meet the Fear with Love and transcend it, OR you're going to perpetuate this Fear.

Why? 40 - 60 years from now, how your child leads the world is influenced by how you navigate this moment.

I also believe it is a POWERFUL time to be a parent.

It isn't a coincidence that our children chose us to be a parent during this particular time in history.

....and we have a choice.

To step up and own this gift of parenting, such that it is about returning to our wholeness, cultivating our Intuition and owning our Fear - so we're not projecting it onto them... Or... we do more of the same.

If we do more of the same... it's thinking that parenting is a set of tools and techniques that's about moulding the child, living our unmet dreams through them, basing our self-worth on them, and treating them as an extension of us - when really, they don't belong to us.....and we're doing all of this from a place of Fear.

Our children belong to life itself. We were just a vessel that they chose.

The real gift of parenting isn't what we do for our children. It's what we do for ourselves, so we can liberate our children.

If you ever wanted to know the impact of generational trauma and how it plays out - you have first-hand experience - you're living through it right now.

This is the world we're living in. There's a high chance history is going to repeat itself if we don't shift the parenting paradigm from one of Fear to one that is a Spiritual practice.

If you're a parent and you believe your legacy lives in how you parent - and you want to do better, reach out.

It's my mission - and I can guide you.

Healing Generational Wounds is my mastery.

Break the cycle, so your children don't have to break theirs.

....and as you unlearn your generational patterns, your intuition will bloom.

... and you set your children free.

How would your life have been different if your parents didn't project their pain?

Your own healing. That's the best gift you can give your children. Reach out.


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