Do you feel life has become smaller since becoming a parent?

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Thank-you for the amazing response to last week's newsletter.  I was moved reading your replies and how you trusted me to share with me about your past. 

With more understanding of our past, we heal, we grow, we lean more towards living from a place of Love. We have an opportunity to create awareness of our inherited limiting beliefs, and we have the potential to shift generational programming that no longer serves us. The events that wounded us are now fuel and inspiration to do better.

It's an extraordinary time to be a parent - and a time where ignorance is no longer bliss. In parenting, we have the power to change the world. Yes, change the world. 

I had a coaching client who shared the following sentiment:

"I feel that since I've become a mother, all my dreams of making a difference and leaving a legacy is now on hold - and almost impossible to attain. I get depressed thinking about how small my life has become. I hate this feeling of being just a mother. It's unsettling."

To which I replied;

"Right now, your life is not small. The gift of creating a legacy is right in front of you. Can you recognise what that is?"

She paused. Confused. Shook her head. 

I responded..."What would the world look like if the next generation of children were loved unconditionally? If a child feels unconditionally loved, accepted, seen, heard, and whole - how do you think they would live? What would they contribute?...... How different would your life have been, if you felt whole, loved, and accepted for who you are growing up?"

She looked down. Tears started forming. 

"I wouldn't doubt myself, constantly chase achievement and feeling like I'm not enough.... and my choices would be different. If my daughter felt unconditional love - well... she would feel empowered, confident, resilient - and be magnetic! She wouldn't be living to seek my approval. She would know her worth - and just with that alone, her courage would be out of this world!"

I then asked; "So is your life really small? And how would your daughter know what worthiness feels like?"

My client took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and said; " life isn't small... The only way my daughter is going to know what worthiness feels like is if I see that within myself... ". She smiled... "And I suppose all that healing - well, that's a big game!".

Parenting can be about obedience, control, living your life through your children, and passing on unmet needs; OR parenting can be focused on mastering one thing - Unconditional Love. 

The latter is where fulfilment, expansion, growth, healing, joy, and wholehearted living thrives. 

Mastering what it takes to love your child unconditionally is a big game - especially if you grew up feeling as though you only received loved when you listened, achieved, obeyed, and were praised for "being good". All of which are symptoms of love that is conditional. 

In mastering unconditional love for your child - you also have to master unconditional love for yourself. For how can you love, without knowing "how to love?"

Do you know how to forgive yourself? Do you know how to bring compassion and kindness to yourself? Do you know what it takes to nourish your mind/ body/ spirit? Are their parts of your story that you reject and condemn? How could acceptance and compassion make a difference?

Mastery isn't about perfection. It is about progress. And each day we have an opportunity to learn to love ourselves better. That love then overflows and feeds into all our relationships, our choices in life, and manifests itself in how we live - and love. That's a pretty big game. One that's worthy of our time and energy. 

So in closing, I want you to know you are powerful. That within you lives magnificence - a magnificence that can change the world. You are just not a mother, or a father, or an ordinary parent. You are contributing to creating a legacy for this world. 

That my beautiful friend - is something to be acknowledged and celebrated. 

I love that I'm in this game with you. 



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