Motherhood is not the best thing in the world.

#newsletter #selflove Mar 28, 2019

Quite a confronting headline right?!

Don't get me wrong - I love Motherhood... and I love the opportunity of being a Mother - I love how I'm growing and learning... and I love the honour and privilege it is to contribute to another human being's experience of life. 

It is not the best thing in the world. It is not the only thing in my world. AND I love being a mother to Avery.

I see Motherhood as an expression - as a way to understand and practice choosing to live from Love over Fear.

When I entered into being married to John, 2 relationships were born. My relationship to marriage itself and who I wanted to be as a wife; and my relationship to John.

When I became a Mother, 2 more relationships opened up in my life. My relationship to Motherhood as who I am as a mother; and my relationship to our son, Avery. 

All these relationships and how I experience my role, how I show up, and the meaning I give these relationships have a flow-on impact on my experience of life. 

When we unconsciously play off the area's of our life with each other - we feel an internal conflict. The common denominator that links all these relationships and areas of our life is us.

"Motherhood is the best thing in the world" - almost has an underlying tone that everything in our life is competing for attention and energy. Inside of this - we feel the tension within ourselves. 

An Oak tree cannot thrive if all the focus is on admiring and celebrating its connection with the Sun.

There is the wind - for without the wind it can't build strength, there is the soil - for without the soil it can't build deep roots, there is the water - for without the water it has no nutrients to grow. 

As it blooms and grows, it then learns how it can express itself in the world. It provides shade and shelter, its wood can be used to build exquisite furniture - and its fruit is godsend to squirrels. 

Everything is intertwining. No relationship exists in a vacuum. Life cannot be lived in all it's glory if we are in a constant state of compromise and internal conflict. 

That's where clarity comes in. Clarity is power.

When we make the time to get clear on what matters and what our priorities are right now - we start living life on our terms. We stop spreading ourselves thin. We start owning our time, honouring our time, and realise how precious time is as a commodity.

We have the final say on how we spend time. 

AND... one of the ways in which we can spend time that provides a magnificent return on investment - spending time connecting with our self. 

It is only in the stillness that we can bring awareness to what no longer serves us, what nourishes us, and knowing that our energy, our mind, body, and spirit - matters.

Do you love the person that you see in the mirror? If not, I invite you to start making time for that person. Connect with them. Tune into what their needs are. Tell them, that they matter.

If you love Motherhood, and Motherhood is the best thing in your world - and you don't love that person in the mirror... that's a tough burden for your child to bear. 

Food for thought!

I invite you to send love to your beautiful self today. You matter.


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