The magic of the beginner's mindset

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

I'm writing this to you at 38.5 weeks pregnant - Bub is going to grace our lives any day now!!! :)

Just the other day, we got Avery's newborn clothes out to wash and prepare for the little one on the way (we don't know it's a boy or a girl!) and this wave of uncertainty and fear came over me.

"I think I've forgotten how to look after a newborn!". 

In the next moment, I thought; "Actually that's perfect. I'm going to bring a "beginner's mindset". I've never been a parent to two.. and Avery as a newborn is unique to him and so it will be a brand new experience with bub no. 2!".

A few weeks earlier, John and I had completed a refresher Calm Birth course to prepare for the delivery of the baby with the INCREDIBLE Natlie Short

It was the "second" time that we did Calm Birth - and it was also the "first" time. Let me explain....

Yes, I've given birth before and doing Calm Birth made all the difference to my experience of the delivery. 

I believe - It's never the end-result that we are seeking, it's the journey and who we get to become. As cliche as this sounds, we value an outcome based on the energy, and what it takes to "overcome" our limiting beliefs.

The woman and the couple that did Calm Birth, 3.5 years ago - is a different version of the woman I am today. John and I are also in a different space as a couple. We have both evolved, grown, shifted. 

So it was my "first" time doing Calm Birth for this pregnancy. 

Adopting a "beginner's mindset" allows us to be curious, to create space, to be open to the unknown - and yes, this can be "scary" as our minds are addicted to certainty and what is familiar. 

What is "certain and familiar" cannot create "awe and wonder". 

"Awe and wonder" are entirely dependent on the beginner's mindset and embracing the unknown. 

Throughout this journey of parenthood, everything is forever evolving. No two seeds of an Oak-Tree will grow in the same way and at the same pace. 

No two children are the same, no two days are going to be the same, and our journey of parenting - if we're committed to having it be an expression that we're proud of - it's a continual process of unlearning and learning.

When we allow ourselves to appreciate and embrace growth - for ourselves and our children, every single day - we are actively cultivating our sense of joy, curiosity, and being open to learning. 

I've been told; you can't prepare for two. You can - Same way you can prepare for your entry into parenthood.

Preparation doesn't mean you don't have challenges; preparation is about knowing there are challenges and how you can navigate and grow through them.

Embracing a "beginner's mindset" is one way to prepare for parenthood - and a powerful mindset for every stage of parenthood. 

So beautiful soul, if there are days where you feel overwhelmed, and you think that you don't know what you're doing - that's a great thing. That's beautiful and magnificent, for you are growing. AND really, you're not meant to know it all.

Parenthood is an exploration.

It's not a test or an exam - or a reflection of your intelligence and worthiness as a human being. Making mistakes, taking the wrong turns, making detours - it's all a part of the adventure.

I invite you to acknowledge the adventure you're on and to celebrate all of it.

To fully embrace the "beginner's mindset" - and to give yourself permission to open yourself up to "awe and wonder". That's a gift that our children are longing for us to share and receive.


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