The secret to healing your generational wounds

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

"Why is conscious parenting so hard?"

"How do I make my child understand x, y, z?"

"How can I have my partner be on board with conscious parenting?"

"This is all too much - I want to be a better parent, and maybe it's me - however, I think it's my children as much as me, and we don't have help.. and I'm so scared of screwing them up!"

"I know they are my wounds - and I want to heal them. It just seems impossible."

There is so much to unpack with the above - and the above are common statements I hear from those of us that are on this path of wanting to do better in parenting. 

The challenge is this. The focus isn't in the area that would make the most significant impact. There is a critical component that is needed for any healing to click. (Keep reading and I'll share what it is....)

We subconsciously think it's about tactics, strategies, and "things to do" to be able to "control" our kids or secretly manipulate them to be obedient - all in the guise of "conscious parenting". Ouch right?!..

Conscious parenting is a beautiful movement - AND I believe it honours the child. I am all for it. 

The issue - most parents, are "doing" conscious parenting as a wounded child in an adult body, hoping to not pass on the wounds - and yet they are running on empty. Here's how you know. When the parent doesn't feel whole or more in love with who they are. 

It's a recipe that continues to fuel the generational wound of "I'm not enough", "I'm unworthy", and the addiction to validation and approval. 

Conscious parenting honours both the parent and the child. Conscious parenting honours the relationship and the love between us.

Conscious parenting understands that we are here to nurture, nourish, and cultivate a loving, respectful and honourable relationship between parent and child; and it's premise is this; "As I heal, my child is liberated from my Fear". 

If you could centre yourself, hand on your heart, and be still enough to answer this question:

"Is Parenting an expression of your Fears or your Love?"

What is the answer?... The truth shall set you free.

If you believe the answer is "Parenting is an expression of my "Love" - here's how you know. You're thriving - in all areas. Because there is no sacrifice in Love and Love is expansive. It doesn't mean you don't have challenges - when you encounter challenges, you can navigate them from a higher level of mind and heart. 

If the answer is; "Parenting is an expression of my "Fears" - here's how you know. You're surviving. Some areas are great - and others are not. You're playing one area of life with the other. It's a juggle, it's a battle. Your sense of self is lacking. The challenges seem relentless - and you're stuck. You feel as though you're always giving, and it's never enough. 

Can I be straight with you?

When it comes to being a parent, either you're going to have to heal the wounds, or it'll be your child. And what I'm clear about is that you didn't become a parent to raise wounded children who become wounded adults.

If there is a desire to have Parenting be an expression of your Love, the healing is unavoidable.

So - who is the one going to heal? Who is the one that will end the generational wounds? Will it be you, or your child?

Trauma is a cycle. 

My intention isn't to shame you. Nor is it to create guilt.

I intend to create an intervention - where the invitation is this.

It's time to feel whole. It's time to learn to love yourself. It's time. 

It's time to heal the cycle of hurt. 
It's time to heal the cycle of pain.
It's time to let go of the addiction to suffering. 

If not now, when?

Some have glimpses of our Higher Self, and we think it's unattainable daily. We are so separate from our Spirit, and we question our purpose, our existence, and our contribution. 

There is no higher purpose than to Love your life.

The best way to honour this existence is to be in LOVE with it. Living from a place of Love is allowing Spirit to work through you, and if this is your practice, your Higher Self is a part of your daily life. 

....and what would it be like to parent from there? What would it be like to express Love from this place?

How would you Love from this place?

Would the original questions posed at the beginning of this newsletter still stand?

Your child is so desperate for you to crack open that heart of yours, and to learn to love who you are. Because you are their permission slip to love who they are. 

So... I see you. I know you're the one that's doing program after program, reading and subscribing to everything about generational wounds and healing, and you may feel "why is it that nothing is shifting?". 

The *critical* component of integration and for your transformation and healing to click in is mastering your emotions.

Without leaning in and allowing the emotional resonance of your past trauma to arise and move through - you're always going to be hijacked and on auto-pilot. 

For this, you need someone to hold space. To know that it's safe to allow the discomfort to arise. 

Thanksgiving is here.. and how I would love to share my gratitude and spread love is by offering a 60 minute complimentary 1:1 session where I can hold space for you. These are valued at $500 USD per session. 

This is for you if you're ready to start releasing your addiction to suffering. To start opening up to new realms of possibilities... and to start connecting with your Higher Self. 

You can make a booking here: Book complimentary 1:1

Having the courage to meet your Fear with Love is the secret, is the critical key to healing your generational wounds.

Right now, most of us are in adult bodies and parenting from our 7-year-old wounded self.

When we are triggered, when we are feeling lonely, disconnected, in angst, frustrated, in survival - it's a 7-year old that's running the show...... and until you can surrender to the discomfort of the energy that lives in your body from the trauma, you will continue to be hijacked. 

I would love to help you. What's in it for me?.... I'll be honest. There is something in it for me. 

It's about Avery and Brooklyn. I believe my legacy is through "how I love", and one of the ways is to have the audacity to spread the light. To share with others what I have mastered and continue to master. I am their permission slip. 

If you're ready to start liberating from the emotional trigger, book a call here: Book 1:1.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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