What is parenting?

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Have you ever stopped and wondered for a moment, what is Parenting? What is your relationship to Parenting?

Do you even have a relationship with Parenting?

Imagine Parenting as a person, and this person is sitting opposite you.

How do you feel about them? What emotions does it bring up? Is it expansive or contractive being in their space? Do you feel inspired when you're around this person - or is it draining? 

.... As you answer these questions, please give yourself some grace.

The more awareness we can bring to our relationship with Parenting - the more we develop a capacity in which Parenting can be our expression, and a masterpiece. 

When you became a Parent - did you ever stop and wonder, "Why did I want to become a Parent?" - "Why was it important that I became a mother/ father?".

...or even the question; "How does being a Parent expand my Love for myself?"

There is a world of Parenting that's very focused on the child—getting the child to listen—having the child obey—controlling the child's behaviour—making the child responsible for the experience of Parenthood. 

That's one way to see Parenting.

...And the other world of Parenting is all to do with the realm of Spirit. 

To have Parenting be the avenue in which we heal our wounds, liberate from our limitations and trauma - to shift, to transform, to expand, and live our best lives. 

I call this Parenting from Spirit. 

There are two ways in which we can Parent. 

Unconsciously vs Consciously.

When we parent unconsciously, our parenting is very much focused on what we think the child needs without regard to honouring their Spirit or meeting them where they are at.

This is a power struggle - and it is one sourced in survival, suffering, self-sacrifice, and we feel "separate" from ourselves.

Parenting is bittersweet. "Parenting is the hardest job in the world; however, when you see them smile, it is all worth it!" - is a common sentiment when Parenting is done unconsciously. 

When we parent consciously, we are paying attention. We pay attention to our needs, and we pay attention to our child's needs. We meet them where they are at - and we meet ourselves with equal amounts of compassion, grace, kindness, and emotional generosity.

We honour their Spirit - as we honour our Spirit. The context of Parenting consciously upholds one truth - We are all Love. 

In choosing Parenting consciously, we choose Love to lead the way.

In Parenting consciously, we Parent from a place of Spirit. It is about flow. It is about honouring the seasons we are in. It is all about a sincere commitment to everyone thriving - and each soul feeling seen, heard, and understood. 

In this realm, - Parenting isn't a job. It's an expression. It is a foundation of healing and transformation - such that Parenting breathes more life into life. 

My invitation - make some time this week to reflect on your relationship to Parenting. How do you show up most of the time when it comes to Parenting - and is this reflective of the relationship you want to Parenting?

Your child wants you to thrive. Your child is seeking to see your joy in Parenting. Your child would never want you to feel as though Parenting is a job....and if you're having trouble with a child that isn't cooperating or listening - it's a connection issue. They aren't broken. The connection between them and you is what needs repair.

Repairing connection can only be done when we tune into Spirit. 


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