When you think there is no more to give!

Hi beautiful soul!

I use to think the following:

“You can only give what you have, and receive that which you are”.

I believe what’s closer to the truth would be:

“You can only give what you think you have, and receive that which you think you are”.

When we are in the domain of motherhood, we may fall into the illusion that there is a lid on how much patience, compassion, kindness, gentleness, and joy we can give.

That lid is self-imposed. It is a self-imposed lid because we have lost touch with who we are and faith that our child chose us for the journey and adventure to be human.

Too often growing up, we have been conditioned to think, we are not enough, we don’t have what it takes, and that we are not “it”. We slowly disengage from our spirit.

I believe the opportunity of motherhood is to return to our wholeness. To start engaging in that space of spirit, and to remind ourselves of who we truly are - a beacon of light.

When we look at our children, all we see is their greatness. That greatness also lives within us.

What inspires me to connect to that deep part of myself is this;

“I can only give what I think I have, and receive that which I think I am”.

During the testing times of motherhood - I see them as moments of opportunity. Moments that are calling for me to go beyond my own self and get myself out of the way.

These moments are calling me to “pause”. Be still. Breathe. And know that everything I am seeking is seeking me.

So beautiful soul, know that you are light and love, and this light and love is always available to you.

Sending so much love,

Yummii xx


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