Whose love did you crave the most?

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2020

I believe there is a myth that you cannot mentally or emotionally prepare yourself for Motherhood or parenthood!

It can start with bringing awareness with the following questions:

- Whose love did you crave for the most when growing up? And who did you think you had to be to receive love and acknowledgement?

- What wounds from family and childhood are unresolved?

- Do you currently feel seen, heard, and understood; can you show up authentically around your parents?

Motherhood is transformation - in mind, body, and spirit. 

When we can bring awareness to our wounds, and inherited beliefs - we can choose to expand and grow beyond them. We can let go of beliefs that once hindered us and create new beliefs that will empower us.

Motherhood is a mirror of our subconscious mind. If we live in the experience of lack or unworthiness - this shows up as guilt, self-judgement, and fear.

If we are whole, if we know that we are worthy of love - this shows up as compassion, kindness, and calm.

In Motherhood - we sway between the two - because you can't have growth without understanding where you need to grow. 

A powerful question we can ask ourselves in the moments we are challenged; "Why did I react that way? What is it about myself or the circumstance that I'm afraid of?"... This is where we are bringing the power back to ourselves and no longer being a victim, hero or martyr. 

Over to you!... Can you tell when you have expressed Motherhood from Fear vs Love? How has your past influenced your expression of Motherhood?

Why does this matter?... You love yourself so much more when you are proud of your expression of Motherhood.

This journey is then focused on being compassionate and kind to your learning - and knowing, that there is more fulfilment and expansion when it becomes more about your own experience of wholeness and transformation versus being hard on yourself and judging your efforts.

I invite you to reflect on the questions above and be open to what opens up.


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