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Do you play the blame game?

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2019

I am in the car with Avery.  Earlier that day, there must have been a moment where I was frustrated or annoyed. I actually can't even remember what happened.

So we're in the car driving to the supermarket... and this is how I conversation went:

"Mummy are you sad? - Did I make you sad?". He asked as I was finding a parking spot in the carpark.

We parked the car. I got out on his side....

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Do you feel inspired by your love?

Uncategorized May 22, 2019

Earlier this week, John and I got to spend time together grocery shopping at the supermarket - just us! Yes, something so trivial can be romantic, an opportunity for connection, and conversation :)

"Hey darling... can I give you something around Avery - especially in the mornings when it comes to food?". I ask John. 

I can feel John being defensive. He gives a small sigh and says; "I know...

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The meaning of Mother's Day

Uncategorized May 12, 2019

Here in Australia, today, Sunday 12th May we celebrate "Mother's Day". 

This may be your first Mother's day, or it may be your 11th - or it even may be a day that you're looking forward to celebrating the first time next year. 

Wherever you are in your journey of Motherhood - Happy happy Mother's Day. I celebrate you.

According to Wikipedia - Mother's Day is a celebration...

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Is this big assumption impacting your relationship?

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

I'm sitting here and flooded with gratitude for your soul!... So thank-you for being you!... I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

Grateful that we are interested and invested in making Motherhood extraordinary. That we are taking on being conscious in our expression of Motherhood... and that my gorgeous friend, is so beautiful! :)

John and I have been thinking about a second child......

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When going to war - which side are you on?

conscious parenting Apr 25, 2019

Here in Australia, today is Anzac Day. It is a remembrance day to commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who have served in wars. 

It got me thinking about war. As a human being, we all "know" war is horrible. It is painful to read about it or watch it on the news - it is the manifestation of human beings so filled with pain and suffering. At the core of it, it's not a...

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Do you feel a pull to be "responsible?" as a parent?

#newsletter Apr 23, 2019

Nothing sucks the life out of living like this statement; "I have to be responsible now, I'm going to be a parent"... What do you think!?... In that statement, "parenting" has an underlying tone that somehow "fun" and "joy" are no longer are part of life the moment you step into the domain of parenting. 

I love this quote from John Lennon; "There are two basic motivating...

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What giving birth can teach us about motherhood

I didn't know what to expect when giving birth. I also made sure I didn't want to hear about other people's experiences as it may subconsciously program my mind with unnecessary fear and angst. 

I intended to have an amazing delivery. 

John and I didn't do any "antenatal" classes with the hospital - instead, we opted for Calm Birth and chose The Life Pod by Lauren...

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Motherhood is not the best thing in the world.

#newsletter #selflove Mar 28, 2019

Quite a confronting headline right?!

Don't get me wrong - I love Motherhood... and I love the opportunity of being a Mother - I love how I'm growing and learning... and I love the honour and privilege it is to contribute to another human being's experience of life. 

It is not the best thing in the world. It is not the only thing in my world. AND I love being a mother to Avery.

I see...

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Do you get hijacked by your emotions?

#healing #spirituality Mar 28, 2019

Our bodies hold all of our emotional memories.

Especially memories with a high emotional charge - Both positive and negative.

Emotional memories with a high positive emotional charge are great when they can bring a smile to our face, some warmth and comfort in our hearts, and they remind us of the awe and wonder in life.

Emotional memories with a positive emotional charge are not so great when...

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Parenting as a masterpiece

My parents never really enjoyed being parents. 

They wanted the best for my brother and me - and they loved us, as best they could. 

They had generational wounds of abandonment, rejection, and unworthiness. 

My mum grew up without a dad. She fell pregnant with me as a 20-year-old Catholic young adult who escaped Vietnam with no family - to a young adult male she barely...

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