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Wishing you had more "me-time"?

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

When I talk to other parents, whether they have 1 or 2 or more children.. or whether they have just entered into parenting or are now in their 4th + more year of parenting, the conversation generally goes like this;

"Oh, it's so hard!... Parenting is just hard!...". [If they have two children, they would say to those that have 1, oh you haven't experienced anything yet!... and of course those...

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Is your mind working for you? or against you?

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

I love reading stories on the power of the mind - and we all "know" when you master your mind, you master your reality. 

Bianca Andreescu, 19 years young had just won the U.S. Open - defeating long-standing champion Serena Williams. Yes, this is a remarkable result, and I'm more interested in how she got there.

Bianca credits meditation and the power of visualisation to her journey -...

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Do you feel life has become smaller since becoming a parent?

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2019


Thank-you for the amazing response to last week's newsletter.  I was moved reading your replies and how you trusted me to share with me about your past. 

With more understanding of our past, we heal, we grow, we lean more towards living from a place of Love. We have an opportunity to create awareness of our inherited limiting beliefs, and we have the potential to...

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Understanding your Father's Story

fatherhood Aug 28, 2019

In Australia, September 1st is the celebration of Father's Day.

John and I talk a lot about our upbringing with an attempt to "rewrite" our unconscious inheritance when it comes to parenting and relationships. 

It was just yesterday that we had this conversation:

"It's sad that Avery doesn't have grandparents that he can play with or take him out or be a role model for him." I shared.


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What matters to you?

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019

If we were to ask people, what matters most to them - most would answer their husband/ wife, children, family, friendships, and living a beautiful and grateful life.

However, what we say can differ from what we do. The way we live our life tells a different story.

If we observe how we spend our time, and where we spend our time - what would the observer within us say what matters?

Are our...

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Have you fallen into this trap when it comes to parenting?

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

What is the biggest trap that parents fall into when it comes to parenting?

That life is now all about the child.

Life is not all about the child. The love you had for each other is what inspired you to go down this path of parenthood - together. To learn, to explore, and to expand - TOGETHER.

When we feel loved, when we feel supported, we face our challenges differently. 

The experience...

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Is your inner child running the show?

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2019

Did you know, for the first seven years of our life, from when we take our first breath as we enter this realm called Earth, to about seven years old - we don't "question" or analyse the world.

In these seven years, our brain is making sense of the world. It is taking in everything around us as "the truth". It is our "ultimate reality".

Neurons that fire together, wire together. Whatever...

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Do you enjoy parenting? Do you enjoy parenting together?

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

There is this incredible couple I follow on Instagram - Casey & Meygan Caston. The creators of Marriage 365 (AMAZING!). An excellent resource for up-levelling your relationship.

On this particular day, they shared a post with a comment around parenting that was vulnerable and courageous to share. Part of the description read:

"In all honesty, we’re only okay parents. It hasn’t...

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What is the antidote to Fear?

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

I was eight weeks pregnant and was having a play date with a close friend of mine. There is this "rule" about not sharing about your pregnancy until it is at least 12 weeks, and all is well.

My friend was asking us about our plans for a second child - and I had to "pretend" that I wasn't pregnant. It was uncomfortable. I felt I was contractive - and I felt like I had to hide something...

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Feel like you're dropping the ball? Feeling overwhelmed?

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2019

In my last newsletter, I shared the exciting news that we are expanding our family and have welcomed the news of a second one on the way. I was 10 weeks pregnant at the time. I promised to update you on why I was open with the news and have yet fulfilled on that.

At the time, we were also embarking on a 3-week family trip to Mexico - where I was attending an incredible retreat to learn about...

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